Onefit is the smallest and thinnest mini scleral lens on the market delivering optimal oxygenation for long-term corneal health with minimal lens mass and tear lens thickness. Standard diameter is 14,9 mm. Onefit lenses are designed to vault a given topography with an optimal SAG height and is specified by the value of the base curve in millimeters of radius curvature. Onefit lenses are fitten on k-values and can be ordered from BC 6,0 to 9,4 mm.

Onefit is available spheric, front toric, multifocal and with toric periohery, in prolate or oblate / revers geometry design

Indications: Instable vision with soft contact lenses

Intolerance to soft or corneal RGP contact lenses. Corneal astigmatism or high ametropia

Irregular cornea. Post graft

Dry eyes. Post Lasik/Lasek

6,00 - 9,00 mm
14,9 mm, 15,2 mm, 14,6 mm

The configurator information is only available for Multilens registered partners