Multilens corneal RGP contact lenses

Multilens corneal RGP contact lenses are available for all sorts of vision correction needs.

ML A-design is a standard RGP contact lens with spheric 3 curve design, for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It can be ordered with increased or decreased edge lifts, bac toric or front toric design. 

ML Envision is a bi-aspheric design lens for vision correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and for slightly irregular corneas.

ML A-design or ML Envision can replace other types of RGP lenses that are no longer manufactured.

ML Individual RGP is a lens where we give you the possibility to design a lens to your own specifications with the parameters you need.

Multilens modern multifocal RGP contact lenses provide good visual acuity for both distance and near.

Progressiv Reclaim is a multifocal RGP contact lens with center distance design. Reclaim has three different ADD as standard, placed on the front surface of the lens.

Diameter of the optic distance zone (OZ) decreases with increased ADD;

Progressive ADD up to +2,00 D / OZ 3,50 mm

Progressive ADD up to +2,50 D / OZ 3,00 mm

Progressive ADD up to +3,00 D / OZ 2,50 mm

Individual ADD can be ordered from +1,00 D to +4,00 D in 0,25D steps / OZ from 2,0 mm to 4,0 mm in 0,10 mm steps.

We also manufacture Menicon Z, a corneal RGP lens with aspheric design.

For improved comfort and centration Menicon Z Comfort has a unique aspheric design with a tear reservoir for increased oxygentransmission to the cornea. Menicon Z och Menicon Z Comfort can be delivered with a progressive center distance, back toric (Back toric, BTC), or bi-toric design (Bi-toric, BT). 

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