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High powers – thin lenses

Solutions that makes the lenses thinner and aesthetically pleasing even with high powers.

We can offer a variety of solutions for this:

  • High index lenses – different materials in the lens refracts the light in different ways. Different materials of course also mean different properties in other aspects, such as how resistant it is to scratches. By including all factors when choosing an index, you can get a nice thin lenses in your spectacles.

  • Optimize the lens (Diamini) – an advanced calculation to minimize the thickness of a plus lens.

  • Cosmetic edge thickness reduction (Myosoft) – used to reduce the edge thickness of minus lenses.
  • Cosmetic center thickness reduction (Hypersoft) – used to reduce the center thickness of plus lenses.

  • Distribute the cylinder power in the lenses between both the front and back when there is a large astigmatism – normally, the front side of the glass is equally steep in all directions and you have to include the entire cylinder correction on the back side with a relatively thick glass as a result. We can do a front side which contains the whole or parts of the cylinder correction for a significantly better looking lens (front toric).

  • Choosing the right frame – It’s not something we normally do, but it’s worth thinking about if you have high powers. If the thickness of the glass is an important parameter for you, always discuss with your optometrist how well the frame suits your powers.