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AMD Comfort

AMD-Comfort – a special kind of lens

In spite of huge advances in ophthalmological treatment, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is currently the most common cause of visual impairment.

People who suffer from this degenerative retinal disease find it increasingly difficult to clearly recognise objects in a fixed, central acuity, contrast sensitivity and ability to differentiate between colours gradually deteriorate, starting from the middle of their vison and spreading outwards. This functional deterioration has an extremely detrimental effect on people's quality and their ability to deal with everyday life. AMD patients require good illumination and maximum contrast, and they need to learn how to make optimal use of their residual vision.

Benifits of AMD-Comfort

  • Increased contrast
  • Magnified vision
  • Better perception of details
  • Improved depth of focus
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Power Range: -8 to +8
Addition: 0.75 – 6.00
Material: CR39
Magnification: about 3 – 6 %
Filter: Comfort Filter, C1
Coat: ML Prima
Types: Single vision, Bifocal & progressive
Test Sets: AMD Comfort Test Box, AMD Comfort Test Flip-ups, AMD Comfort Flirp kit.



Basic Lens: UniZone Classic
AMD Versions: AMD-I and AMD-II
Fitting Height: 16 mm or 20 mm fitting height (20 mm recommended)
Addition: 0.75 to 4.00
Transition Option: Yes
Polarization Option: Yes


Single Vision

Basic Lens: SV Classic 
AMD Versions: AMD-I and AMD-II
Transition Option: Yes
Polarization Option: Yes



Basic Lenses: S28 Classic
AMD Versions: AMD-I and AMD-II
Addition: 0.75 to 6.00
Transition Option: Yes up to Add +4.0
Polarization Option: Yes up to Add +4.0


Enhanced vision, greater contrast, maximum protection

People with AMD (Age related Macula Degeneration) very often have difficulties in getting everyday optics that really help them see significantly better. Normally they are offered standard optics which might help a bit, but an eye with AMD needs more than just the power correction. There are more that could be added.

Therefore we offer AMD Comfort

AMD Comfort offers people who suffer from AMD a vast improvement to their sight along with enhanced visual comfort. It is easy to understand, easy to try and last but not least, easy to
prescribe and order.

AMD-Comfort – a special kind of lens

AMD Comfort is a specially developed ophthalmic lens for people suffering from AMD. For those affected by this condition, AMD Comfort offers a vast improvement to their sight
along with enhanced visual Comfort. AMD Comfort achieves these improvements through 4 main

Comfort filter

The specially developed comfort filter offers the eyes the best possible protection against aggressive UV light, while reducing their sensitivity to bright daylight or sunlight. The comfort filter substantially reduced the blue components of the visible light, yet the rest of the spectrum is retained which helps to
ensure natural colour vision.


AMD lenses provides a magnification that make more of the retina involved in the seeing process. The magnification is enough to make a difference for the wearer, but not so big that that field of vision is reduced.The magnification is achieved with a special grinding technic, which makes the lens more curved and a bit thicker.

There are 2 magnifications available, AMD-I and AMD-II. AMD-I provides a balance between cosmetically appearance and magnification, whilst AMD-II provides more magnification but where the lens is thicker. AMD-I means a magnification around 3% and AMD-II means a magnification of about 6 %. The exact magnification may vary up and down depending on the prescription and the lens selection.

Reflex reduction

Antireflex treatment is standard in AMD Comfort, improving comfort and decreasing glare.

Incorporated RX

When a person does not see normal, the first thing to check is if it is possible to correct with optics of some kind. The same applies for AMD patients; the first thing that should be done is to find out which prescription they need. Therefore all AMD Comfort lenses are specially made for each person with individual correction to make them as optimal as possible.

Easy to use, easy to prescribe

The AMD comfort lenses consist of proven optical technology packaged into simply to prescribe, yet very efficient, lenses to aid AMD patients and other people with reduced visual ability. The way it is packaged makes it easy to for the optician to prescribe and easy for the patient to get used to.

Easy to try

To try out AMD Comfort on a patient, there are simple trial sets to be used. Let the patient experience the difference by either attaching a AMD Comfort flip-up or hold the AMD Comfort flirp in front of their normal spectacles

Easy to order

For the optician, the procedure to order an AMD Comfort lens is the same as for ordering a standard lens.

Easy to use

The AMD comfort lens requires no time for adaption for the user, still he / she will immediately be able to take advantage of the benefits of better contrast, better visual acuity and improved

AMD Comfort lenses

The lenses are based on lenses from Multilens Lens Program. We have selected a progressive, a single vision and a few bifocal lens that works well with AMD comfort and that suit most people.
In Technical specifications you’ll find relevant information about AMD comfort and the lenses. For more detailed information about the basic lenses, please look in the Multilens Lens Program documentation.

Criteria for AMD Comfort lenses

The main criteria that we have looked at when selecting
lenses are:


• Large field of vision
• Clear design
• Possibility for high addition
• Possibility to add polarization and transition


• Possibility for high additions
• Possibility to add polarization and transition

Single Vision

• Possibility to add polarization and transition

Power range Limits for AMD comfort lenses.
Please note the following:

• Cylinder up to -6 can be made, as long as the maxium
cuvature of the lens do not exceed -6
• For powers outside the above limits and magnification
levels, please contact us. It might be possible.
• Lenses up to 75 mm (73 mm for polarized) can be made.
Large diameter may require mysoft.
• All AMD lenses are made of lenses with Index 1.5
• Maximum + sphere is affected by the addition power: add.
+2.0 reduces with ~1.0 dpt; add. +3.0 reduces with ~2.0
dpt; add. +4.0 reduces ~ 3.0 dpt.
• Please see Multilens Lens program documentation for
which versions of polarized and Transitions that exist.