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ML Mono

ML Mono is used when the addition required is so high that binocular vision cannot be achieved, or if only one eye is functioning.

ML Mono is reading glasses with high powers (more than +5.0) for one eye. The other lens is a plano lens or an occluded lens. ML Mono is intended for people with vision on only one eye or when the addition is too high to have binocular vision.

To have reading power on only one eye also lets us use a high addition for people with impaired vision. The short reading distance magnifies the retinal image and makes it possible to see small details.

  • ML Mono makes it possible for people with visual impairment to still read magazines, newspapers or books. If you need even more magnification, maybe ML A2 or ML Aplanat might be interesting.
  • ML Mono standard solutions can be used by most people since individual adjustment of pupilar distance is not nescessary since only one eye is used.
  • ML Mono can be optimal for hobby purposes and can be compared with magnifiers. The important difference is that you have the magnification in a frame and have both hands free to use.
  • It's possible to add individual correction in ML Mono.

ML Mono is available in seven different frames suitable for most people. (see section half frames). The frames are developed to be robust and stable which is important when wearing high powered correction.


Technical Specification >
Detailed Information >
Magnification: +12 to +48
Visual Field: 65°
Focal Distance: 10 - 2 cm
Weight: 26 - 34 grams
Correction Limit: Cyl. -10
Test Set: ML Mono box


ML Mono is used when the addition required is so high that binocular vision cannot be achieved even with the help of convergence prisms. The limit to which this is possible varies from induvidual to induvidual, but falls withing the range of 8 cm to 12 cm. A monocular system should always be considered if the reading distance is less than 10 cm. It is also highly advantageous, at very close reading distances, to be able to easily look over the lens in order to be able to get your bearings over distances that are longer than those for which the magnification had been determined. 

It is often the case among people with reduced vision that one eye is noticeably better than the other and that the other eye is not used because it is so weak. The use of occlusion id then often necessary to treat the weaker eye. This lens blocks most of the vision while allowing light to pass through. Black and skin-colored patches are avalible if more opaque occlusion is necessary.

PD or CD

Centration and pupillary distance are virtually of no significance as only one eye is used with this aid. Individual centration can be ordered if deviations from the normal are considerable. The height and pupillary distance should then be specified.

Cylinder and Colour

In general, cylindrical correction has less effect the higher the magnification used. This obviously varies from person to person and should always be evaluated. Although visual function cannot be measured in improved vision with integrated ametropia correction, ML Mono special is often worth ordering for enhanced comfort and durability. All types of filters and other light-absorbing dyes can be ordered. Lenses treated with anti-reflex and hard, protective coatings are also available.

ML Mono Lenses

Aspherical Lenti for +6 to +10
Aspherical Lenti is a traditional lens suitable for lower additions.
Also available with individual power.

ML X-Lenti for +12 to +24
The ML X Lenti is Multilens’ own lens specially designed for slightly higher additions. 
The basic version includes the ML 400 filter for increased contrast and comfort. 
Also availabwith individual power.

Hyperocular for 8X to 12X
Hyperocular is a powerful aspheric, moulded lens (PMMA) for higher additions. 
Cannot be dyed. Available in standard lens power only.
Measured in equivalent powers as follows:

  Equivalent Vertometer
8X +32 +39
10X +40 +52
12X +48 +70

ML Mono Induvidual

In addition to the standard ML Mono with predefined powers, ML Mono is also avalible for order with individual powers.