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Telescope system for short distance

ML Combi Short is a new telescope system for short distance. The system is light weighted and magnifies 3 or 4 times. Since this is a telescopic system, it enables a longer working distance than the working distance with an aplanatic system with the same magnification. Furthermore, ML Combi Short can easily be combined with individual corrections, in order to optimize the user experience.


ML Combi Short are available in two different magnifications:

  • ML Combi Short 3 (magnifies 3x)
  • ML Combi Short 4 (magnifies 4x)

The magnification of optics adapted for short distances is based on the reference distance of 25 cm. If you decrease the distance, the magnification increases.
Another way to magnify is to use a Galilei system which gives a system magnification. In ML Combi Short have we combined these two magnification methods and achieved a total magnification of 3 and 4 times.


ML Combi Short 3: 11-12 cm
ML Combi Short 4: 7- 8 cm

ML Combi Short 3 and 4 gives due to their telescopic design, a slightly longer working distance compared to an aplanatic system with the same magnification.



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ML Combi Short


3x or 4x

Visual Field

36° & 42°


10 grams

Correction Limit

Sf. +-18 Cyl. -10 Dioptres

Working Distance ML Combi Short 3: 11 - 12 cm
ML Combi Short 4: 7 - 8 cm



Correction can easily be incorporated into ML Combi Short.Press the correction ring on the ocular side and the press a 22 mm diameter lens in to the ring. No screws or adhesives are needed. The system can also be ordered ready made from Multilens.


This system is intended for short reading distances and should only be prescribed for monocular vision.


The design of the housing reduces so called ring scotoma. In other words, there is less material to obscure the peripheral field of vision. This improves comfort, confidence
and orientation for the user.


There is a test set available with two basic systems for ML Combi Short 3 and 4 in an oculus ring. The test set is delivered in a black case with a special insert for a maximum of five different basic systems.


Fitting the ML Combi Short into a frame could not be easier. The mounting lens with its special edging part is as easy to edge as a plano lens. The system presses into the mounting lens with a positional precision down to hundredths of a millimetre. No screws, adhesives or other tools are needed. The same mounting system is also used for the ML Vidi, ML Combi, ML Focus and ML A2.


The large diameter of the ocular lens of ML Combi Short means that the exact position of the system is less critical than it is for stronger telescopic systems. The ML Combi Short can therefore easily be used by elderly persons without having to make painstaking adjustments.


The design of ML Combi Short makes it possible for the wearer to look through the mounting lens if desired and it is therefore possible to order a mounting lens with correction, maybe more suited for distance.


As for all our products, it is possible to insert a filter into the system. This can be either a coloured plano lens or a coloured correction lens placed at the back of the correction ring.