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New Reading Challanges

Today’s conditions when you read differs quite dramatically compared to the conditions only a few years ago:

  • The amount of information a person consume in one day has increased.
  • We read mainly on smartphones, tablets and computers today. A few years ago that was rare.
  • We read more often. Most people look at their smartphone as soon as they have break in what they do. This also means we read more in a day than before.
  • With the introduction of LED light, more light is present around us.

These factors mean that our eyes are exposed to a new type of stress:

  • The text on smartphones, tablets etc are very often small. This means that you need to come closer to be able to read.
  • The difference in light level on a smartphone compared to the surroundings is often very big (for example, when reading at night). This is causing eye strain, which needs to be addressed.
  • LED-screens (which you find in all smartphones and tables) expose your eyes to more harmful blue light than reading text on paper does. The harmful blue light speeds up the ageing process of your eyes and you’re more likely to develop eye deseases in the long run. A way to decrease the amount of blue light is needed.
  • A part of the blue light also affects your circadian rhythm by reducing production of the sleep hormone Melatonin. If using your smartphone late in the evening, you may find it harder to fall asleep or/and you might wake up more often during night, so reducing this light is essential.

These factors are the ones we address with ML Binova® Easy.
When you use ML Binova® Easy, on you will find it much more comfortable to read and you can feel confident that your eyes are better protected against harmful blue light.