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ML Binova® Easy is unique

ML Binova Easy are not like other reading glasses. They have qualities and details that gives unique comfort when reading.


A yellow tint that reduced the harmful blue light with more than 50%. It improves your vision by providing better contrast and relaxing your eyes.


The lenses relieve your eye muscles, since they reduce the need for rotating the eyes inwards when reading. This creates a more comfortable reading, especially notable during long reading sessions and when shifting your focus from near to far many times a day. 


Improves your vision by creating a clearer and undisturbed image.

Light Flexible temples

The flexible temples make sure the glasses sit firm on your head without creating uncomfortable pressure. 

Wide Power Range

ML Binova® Easy is available in powers from +1,0 up all the way to +8,0. The vast majority of other reading glasses are only available in power up to +3,5. Higher powers than +3,5 are needed when you need to see small details or if your visual acuity is reduced.

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ML Binova® Rimless

Available powers +1,0, +1,5, +2,0, + 2,5, +3,0 & +3,5
Frame colours Frost, Chili & Bronze
Frame material TR90
Tint RelaxTint ™
Lens material Acrylic
Coating Antireflex coating


ML Binova® Halv-11

Available powers +4,0, +5,0, +6,0 & + 8,0
Frame colours Frost, Chili & Bronze
Frame material TR90
Tint RelaxTint ™
Lens material CR39
Coating Antireflex coating


Today’s conditions when you read differs quite dramatically compared to the conditions only a few years ago. Our primary source of information are often smartphones, tablets and computers today, which was very rare earlier.

ML Binova is designed to help people read more comfortably and relaxed. There are ML Binova glasses for all types of eyes; from people needing modest addition to people needing high addition due to visual impairment, or a need to see small details.

ML Binova is built around our PrismOptics, which reduces the convergence need when reading at close distance. ML Binova is also available with RelaxTint, which relaxes the eye and reduces the amount of harmful blue light reaching the eye. Also other tints such as ML Filter may be included.

Five features for better performance

The ML Binova concept contains a wide range of frames and product categories. See below the five most interesting features.

1. Wide Power range

ML Binova is available in standard powers from +1,0 D up to +16 D. It’s also possible to order ML Binova with individual prescription. With high addition and short reading distance, cylinder power is often not important to correct. Even small differences between right and left eye are acceptable for most people. Therefore, standard solutions works fine also for cylinder powers or small differences between right and left eye.

2. PrismOptics

High addition means reading at a short distance, the short distance means big convergence need, which might cause eye strain. That’s why all ML Binova have a built in prism to reduce the convergence need.

For the lower standard powers, we assume that the patient is close to emmetrope and calculate the convergence prism based on the power. When the power increases, we assume that the patient is a little hyperope, see chart below. If the distance prescription differs a lot from this, ML Binova RX should be considered with a specified addition.

Chart 1 demonstrates the recommended correction for each power of ML Binova Easy and ML Binova Pro. At other distance corrections, ML Binova RX should be selected.

Because of the convergernce prism in ML Binova, the wearer can use binocular vision even with short reading distances down to 10 cm. In table 1 and illustration 1, you can see how the concept works.

The pupillary distance is insignificant when ordering ML Binova. The reason is that the larger convergence need you have with a large pd is corrected with the larger base in prism you get from using the more temporal part of the lens. The opposite principle applies with a small pd.

Illustration 1 shows the focusing distance (A) and the convergence distance (B).

Dioptres Distance A Distance B
+4 25.0 cm 35 cm
+5 20.0 cm 30 cm
+6 16.7 cm 25 cm
+8 12.5 cm 21 cm
+10 10.0 cm 18 cm

In table 1, example distances are shown.

3. Filter tint for better comfort

Because of the new demands for the eye looking at close distance, sometimes a filter tint can be really useful.

  • The difference in light level on a smartphone compared to the surroundings is often very big (for example, when reading at night). This is causing eye strain, which needs to be addressed. 
  • LED-screens expose your eyes to more harmful blue light than reading text on paper. The harmful blue light speeds up the ageing process of your eyes and you’re more likely to develop eye deseases in the long run. A way to decrease the amount of blue light is needed. 
  • Blue light also affects your circadian rhythm by surpressing production of the sleep hormone melatonin. If using your smartphone late in the evening, you will likely find it harder to fall asleep and/or you might wake up more often during night, so reducing this light is essential.

It’s always possible to add ML Filter tint for ML Binova RX. For ML Binova Easy, RelaxTint is always included.

4. Antireflex Coating

All ML Binova lenses are coated with our ML Prima+ or Multicoat. This increses the light transmission and enhances comfort.

5. High quality Frames

All frames in ML Binova are high quality frames developed for this purpose. Light weight, flexible temples and durable are common descriptions for all our frames.

The different product categories

ML Binova consists of three different product categories, ML Binova Easy, ML Binova Pro and ML Binova RX.

ML Binova Easy

ML Binova Easy is the entrance level within the ML Binova product group. It is suitable for all people who wants a more relaxed reading experience. Since they are available in powers from +1.5 D up to +8.0 D, there is a model for everyone: From the person who just wants the best reading glasses available to a person with reduced vision, or the one who wants to see really small details.

Key features of ML Binova Easy

  • RelaxTint is always included. RelaxTint is a tint that reduces short wave blue light effectively.
  • High quality frames. For the lower powers (+1,5 D to +3,5 D), ML Binova Rimless is used. For the higher powers (+4,0 D to +8,0 D), ML Binova Halv-11 is used. Both frames are light weight with flexible temples in a modern design in three different colours: Chili, Bronze and Frost.
  • PrismOptics to ensure maximum comfort. This is of course more important for the higher powers but also for lower powers, the increased comfort is obvious.
  • Multicoat is always included.

ML Binova Pro

ML Binova Pro is the premium level for standardized products. Available in a wide range of frames and a wide power range from +3.0 D to +16.0 D. ML Prima+ is always included.

ML Binova Pro Bifo

ML Binova Pro Bifo is a bifocal version of ML Binova. It en­ables binocular reading at shorter distances with two different additions. The upper section allows wearers to look at larger text and find their way around the page, and the lower section is used for reading smaller print.

The prisms in the different sections are accurately aligned to ensure greater prism in the lower section to compensate for the shorter reading distance.

The powers for ML Binova Pro Bifo standard are +3/+6 or +5/+8 in a Halv-15 frame. ML Binova Bifo can also be custom-made to individual requirements.

ML Binova RX

ML Binova RX is the category if the patient need something outside the standardized options presented on the previously. Examples of cases where you might need ML Binova RX:

  • When a large cylinder power is needed. Normally, the higher the addition, cylinder power have less effect on vision. But if you need to incorporate cylinder, ML Binova RX is needed.
  • If anisometropia is present but there is still a need for binocular use, ML Binova RX makes it possible.
  • If the patient have a distance refraction that is different from what is shown in the chart on page 2 in this documentation. If ordered a standard solution, the prismatic power in the lens might be very wrong compared to the reading distance.
  • If the patient need to add a filter tint in your ML Binova glasses.

Ordering of ML Binova RX

The best way to order ML Binova RX is to enter the distance 
refraction and addition. This way we know exactly how much prism there should be in the lenses based on the addition. Example: If you have a distance refraction of R/L -5.0 and an addition of +10.0 D, we will produce lenses with powers +5.0 D with a prismatic effect adjusted for 10 cm. If a standard solution is ordered with +5.0 D, then the prismatic effect will be adjusted for 20 cm, which probably will be too little to provide maximum comfort.