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High magnification and large visual field. Short reading distance.

High magnification in combination with a wide visual field is hard to achieve. ML A2 is designed to provide a large visual field despite a high power and up to 13x magnification.

An aplanatic system for short distance reading

Two aplanatic lenses in combination with the plano surfaces facing outward is the key to the fantastic optical quality. The lens closest to the eye is slightly smaller, making it easier to mount in almost any frame. The lenses is exchangable which means that if you need higher power if the vision loss progress, you don't need to change the whole system.

Because of the high power and magnification and a reading distance shorter than 10 cm, ML A2 is intended to use for reading with one eye only.

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Magnification: 3 - 13X (equivalent power)
Visual field: 44º
Weight: 10 grams
Correction limit: +-4 - 10 dioptres
Working distances: 8 - 2 cm
Test Sets: A2 Work box 1, A2 Work box 2, A2 & Combi Test Set & Basic Box.


It is usually quite difficult to meet the wish for high magnification in combination with a wide visual field. The ML A2 has been designed to retain the visual field to a great extent despite magnification of up to 13 times (equivalent power). The secret is a combination of two aplanatic lenses - the inner lens smaller than the outer and the plano surfaces facing outwards. The smaller inner lens broadens the selection of frame styles. The lenses can easily be replaced with stronger ones as the patient's eye sight changes. ML A2 is an optical lens system for monocular use at short distances. 

Image quality

By dividing the power into two lenses, and turning the plano surfaces toward the eye and the object, a very high image quality is obtained. The image is sharp from edge to edge which gives the advantage that the letters will move over the retina with the same steady speed. This is important for good reading performance.

Visual field

The visual field is a very essential part for a low vision device. It affects orientation, comfort and confidence. One of the biggest advantages with ML A2 compared with telescopic systems is the wide visual field. Even compared with a CCTV at 40cm this system has greater visual field.


According to the new ISO standard for aids for the visually impaired, the ML A2 system is measured in equivalent power. This gives the true power for systems or lenses used at short distances. A +40 system gives a true retinal magnification of 10X for an emetropic person.

Combination of lenses

There are four different powers of objective lenses (35mm) and four different powers of  [ML A2 Lens combinations] ocular lenses (25mm). Each lens is inscribed with tiny identification marks indicating the power of the lens.

Objective lens: I = +4, ll = +8, lll = +12, llll = +16 diopter
Ocular lens: l = +6, ll = +8, lll = +20, llll =+36 diopter

+10 to +52 diopter can be achieved by combining the lenses according to the table below.


This new system makes it easy to incorporate a cylinder correction. Simply add the black correction ring at the back, edge the correction lens down to 22 milimetres and then press it into the ring. No screws are needed

This system is intended for short reading distances and should only be prescribed for monocular vision.


The new design of the housing is intended to reduce material covering the visual field. This improves the comfort, the confidence and the orientation for the user.

Easy to fit

Fitting an ML A2 system could not be easier. Thanks to the mounting lens with its special mounting part, the ML A2 is as easy to edge as a plano lens. The system presses into the carrier lens with utmost precision.No screws or other tools are needed.


The large size of the ocular lens and the fact that the plano curve faces the eye means that the exact position of the system is not as critical as with other microscopic systems or lenses. The device can therefore easily be used by an elderly person without having to make painstaking adjustments.


All lenses are treated with anti-reflex coating to produce superb optical quality.


As for all our products, it is possible to insert a filter in the ML A2. This can be either a plano lens or a stained correction lens placed in the correction ring.

Changing the power

It is easy to put together or change power in the system. To assemble the system, put the lens in position over the housing as illustrated and then press into place. The lens clicks into the correct position without the need for screws.The suction cup is used to remove and change a lens. Simply pull out the lens and press in a new one.

The ocular lens is always fixed in the A2 housing.

Convert from Aplanat to A2

Even if the old Aplanatic system isn’t measured in equivalent powers it could still be used for testing the needed magnification.

By using the table below the printed powers on the Aplanatic system could be converted into equivalent values.