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ML Vidi

A telescopic system with outstanding optical performance when watching TV.

ML Vidi has a relatively low magnification to provide the best optics. because of the large visual field, it's possible to move objects a little bit closer which make the retinal image larger, improving visual aquity greatly.

If you move the TV from 4 m to 2 m and use ML Vidi you have the same retinal image as a telescopic system with 4x magnification. With ML Vidi it's much easier to keep the TV in the visual field and it's also easier to orientate if you need to change focus.

  • ML Vidi is made of light weight plastic and weighs only 14 grams.
  • There are a range of accessories to change area of use. E.g. a flip-up with optics that change the focus distance. This is useful if the main use is TV but quickly want to change to reading.
  • Available in two different magnifications, 1.6x and 1.8x.
  • It's possible to add individual prescription and/or add filter color for enhanced contrast. Read more about filter colors.
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Magnification: 1.6X och 1.8X
Visual field:  36º,  25º
Weight: 14 grams
Correction limit: +-20 -10
Test sets: ML Vidi Test set


Sometimes it is worth thinking the other way around! Although a telescopic system with high magnification may solve one problem, it creates others. The ML Vidi telescopic device has slightly less than double the magnification. By combining this with a very wide visual field, it is possible to get closer and still see the whole object. And because the distance is shorter, this in itself magnifies the object and the real magnification on the retina becomes higher. A short distance also decreases the need to have the telescopic system in a fixed position to attain a steady picture. This makes the ML Vidi one of the most powerful telescopic devices on the market, presenting a range of options for induvidual corrections and other adjustments.

Retinal magnification

Two factors need to be considered to determine the real magnification on the retina. These are the magnification of the telescopic device and the magnification resulting from the proximity to the object. The wide visual field of the ML Vidi makes it possible to get closer whilst still seeing the entire object, thus enabling a lower telescopic magnification. Persons requiring a distance of four meters to see a full TV screen with a 4X telescope can use a 2X telescope at a distance of two meters to obtain the same retinal magnification.

A steady picture

The shorter the distance to the object the steadier the picture will be. Any head movement has a less disturbing effect – yet another good reason why the ML Vidi is so appreciated.


The correction of the system is positioned at the back. The new design with its removable ring makes it easier to incorporate and change the correction.

Front lenses 

Thanks to its front lenses for different distances, the ML Vidi can be used for a range of working distances. The basic system should be adjusted to the distance that is used the most. Front lenses then allow the focus distance to be changed
simply and quickly. The lenses are available in powers that adjust from far distance down to 10 centimetres.


A prism base in is necessary to obtain a binocular image at distances between 50 and 20 centimetres. Special front lenses with incorporated prisms are available for this purpose.

Binocular vision at different distances is therefore possible with the system.

Front lens flip

Fits on new and previous versions of the VIDI-system.

Test set

A test set is available for simple practical testing. It contains two basic systems, front lenses for different working distances and an instruction manual. The rings fit the standard testing frame.

Easy to fit

The ML Vidi is easy to fit. The mounting lens with its special mounting part is as easy to edge as a plano lens. The system presses into the carrier lens with utmost precision. No screws or other tools are needed.


The large diameter of the ocular lens means that the exact position of the system is not as critical as it is for most other telescopic systems. An elderly person can therefore use it without having to make meticulous adjustments. 


The ML Vidi has been designed to enable the wearer to look beside the system and through the carrier lens if desired. It is therefore possible to order the carrier lens with correction. This feature is greatly appreciated by people with myopia.


A special order form is available for the ML Vidi, which can be ordered with the user’s individual choice of correction and specified working distance.


All lenses are AR-treated to guarantee superb image.


As for all our products, it is possible to insert a filter into the correction lens as well as the front lens.