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ML Focus

ML Focus is similar to ML Vidi in use but have an adjustable focus.

ML Focus is a magnifying system designed for those who need magnification for activities such as watching TV, but who also want to be flexible and have the ability to quickly adjust the focus distance. With a simple grip you can easily change the focus. It provides a wide field of view compared to other comparable systems, thanks to the design of the system.

  • ML Focus is made of light weight plastic and weighs only 14 grams.
  • Available in two different magnifications, called 1,7x (magnification between 1,6 to 2,0x) and 1,9x (1,7-2,4x)
  • It's possible to add individual prescription and/or add filter color for enhanced contrast. Read more about filter colors.
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Magnification: 1.7X: 1.6X - 2.0X
1.9X: 1.7X - 2.4X
Visual Field: 1.7X: 38º (40º - 28º)
1.9X: 25º (27º - 18º)
Focal Distance: 35 cm - infinity
Weight: 19 grams
Correction Limit: +10 till -10 dioptrier
Test Set: ML Focus Test set


ML Focus is a telescopic system that offers the same advantages as ML Vidi, but is more versatile. A simple turning movement easily adjusts the focus to the different working distances you require. ML Focus magnifies up to 2.4 times.

The system gives an extremely large field of vision and it is therefore possible to look at an entire object at close range. Because magnification is produced by the shorter distance, this means the actual magnification experienced on the retina is greater.

A short distance also reduces the need to hold the telescopic system completely still which means that shakes and trembles are less annoying.

ML Focus is one of the most powerful telescopic devices available on the market. Moreover, it is extremely simple to adjust the focus for different working distances.

Retinal Magnification 

Two factors need to be considered to find out the actual magnification, i.e. the magnification on the retina. The first is the magnification of the telescopic device, the second is the magnification resulting from the closeness of the object. The wide visual field of ML Focus makes it possible to get closer whilst still seeing the full object, enabling a lower telescopic magnification.

A person who needs to be four metres away from the television to see the whole screen using a telescopic device that magnifies four times can instead use a telescopic device that magnifies two times if the distance is halved to two metres. This gives the same magnification on the retina.

Magnification in the system

As with all adjustable telescopic systems, the system magnification changes when the focal distance is changed. The magnification is greatest when the telescopic system is adjusted to the shortest possible focal distance. Magnification is lowest when the focus is set to infinite. The system magnification of  the ML Focus 1.7X ranges from 1.6X to 2.0X with an average magnification of 1.7X. For ML Focus 1.9X, the magnification ranges from 1.7X to 2.4X.

A steady picture

The shorter the distance to the object the steadier the picture will be. The effect of an unwanted head movement is less disturbing. This is probably one more reason why ML Focus is such a highly appreciated solution.


The correction of the system is placed at the back. The new design with a removable ring makes it very easy to increase or change the correction.

Adjustable focal range

The ML Focus has a focal depth that can be adjusted from infinite to about 35 millimetres

Easy to fit

The ML Focus is easy to fit and also as simple to edge as a plano lens thanks to the lens mount and the special mounting part. The system is pressed into the carrier lens with utmost precision. No screws or other tools are needed. Please note, however, that the system must be turned to its lowest position before inserting it into the lens mount.


Because of the large diameter of the ocular lens, the exact position of the system is not as critical as it is for other strong telescopic systems. So there’s no need for meticulous adjustments before it can be used.


The ML Focus has been designed to enable the wearer to look beside the system and through the carrier lens if desired. It is therefore possible to order the carrier lens with correction. This feature is greatly appreciated by people with nearsightedness (myopia).


All lenses are anti-reflective to guarantee optimal image quality.


As for all Multilens products, it is possible to incorporate filters into the ML Focus system. This is done in the correction lens.


Please specify the patient’s correction for distance when placing an order.