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ML Night Cover

Glasses for driving during nighttime

Many people have problems with getting dazzled when driving in the night, especially from the blue light of modern light sources that exist in cars today, among others LED.
On top of that some people have near-sightedness in darker environments (nocturnal myopia).

For these persons we have developed a solution which drastically reduces these problems.

ML Night Cover has the following features:                               

  • A special filter color that blocks the most intense blue light but lets through as much of the remaining light as possible.
  • Also available with corrections for nocturnal myopia (-0,25 and -0,50).
  • Always comes with an anti-reflex treatment for maximal transmission of light and reduction of disturbing reflexes.
  • Has a faint yellow-like color (see our filter colors) that can also be comfortable in other activities.
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